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Online Casino: An Excursion Into History

The casino is a temple of destiny, a place where dreams come true and last hopes collapse. The casino is a Mecca for the rich and adventurers, an arena for players challenging Ms. Fortuna to a duel.

So, place your bets, gentlemen!

The term “online casino” itself appeared in our everyday life about 15 years ago, when the Internet began to develop by leaps and bounds.

It was then that the owners of MicroGaming and CryptoLogic companies realized that sooner or later the moment will come when online gambling will be no less popular than real casinos. As you can see, they were right.

To date, online casino games have reached such proportions that offline casino owners never dreamed of. And the progressive jackpots of some online casinos are several times higher than the maximum winnings in the leading gambling establishments in Las Vegas.

But back to the not so distant 1995, when the first virtual casino was opened – the famous InterCasino. And after 3 years, in 1998, the concept of progressive jackpots appeared. This means that part of the bets lost in online casinos add up to one total amount. Now each player has the opportunity to reclaim their bet, increased in an infinite number of times.

The American government, seeing that such a tidbit is passing by, is making the first attempt to ban online casinos. However, the bill fails miserably.

In the history of online casinos, it is impossible not to mention the development of the Boss Media company. The multi-player gaming platform allowed customers to play at one virtual table.

Then, in 2003, the founding fathers of the online gambling business came to the conclusion that it was necessary to control the services offered to players and protect their interests. This is how a non-profit organization for the establishment and supervision of the standards of the online gambling business – eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance), which still operates today, appeared.

To play without leaving your home is, of course, extremely convenient. But man is a social being and he just needs live communication. And the PlayTech company has made a real breakthrough in the field of online gambling. They became interactive. Now players, using video chat, could see the dealer’s face on the computer screen.

This was extremely to the taste of the Americans, who at that time left the main percentage of online casino players, in spite of the greedy government.

At the end of 2003, the total turnover of the online gaming singapore online casino was $ 8.5 billion, more than half of which belonged to Americans.

Three years later, George W. Bush signed a bill to ban online casinos in the United States. As you well remember, George W. Bush was famous for his contradictory and illogical decisions. Even now, his verdict has provoked the indignation of many world organizations, including the World Trade Organization.

In 2009, the Americans had hope – the Democrats promised to return their favorite entertainment, having achieved the revision and annulment of the bill.

This resolution of the conflict is extremely beneficial to all parties – online casinos get profitable customers, ordinary Americans are their favorite pastime, and the US budget is a significant addition. After all, taxes on winnings can bring America over $ 50 billion a year, and progressive jackpots play an important role in this.

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