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Casino Game Blog

Simple Tips for Online Casino Players! How To Protect Your Budget

We did not choose tips from the category of so-called winning strategies, but three tips that can help you protect your budget, can prolong your fun in the online casino and can make the difference between a winning session and one with consistent losses.

If you’ve played in the casino before, you already know that luck plays a decisive role whether we’re talking about roulette, blackjack or slots, so we won’t present you with a betting strategy, but rather a set of rules to follow when you’re at game table.

On most sites you can play slots, baccarat , roulette or blackjack for free and you don’t need to lose your money to discover how profitable a particular game can be for you.

You can learn the rules on the go and test the different strategies you read about online. It’s true, you won’t have the adrenaline rush generated by a live game, for real money, but you will be better prepared when you sit down at the game table.

You cannot change the chances of winning regardless of the system and the betting strategy chosen, but it is mandatory to strictly control your budget, if you want to have at least one chance to get more.

Many players lose considerable amounts in the casino mainly due to the fact that they start playing without a concrete plan. They start winning, but because they have not set an amount to withdraw, they continue to play. And most of the time the finality is a sting in the pocket. They lose their earnings and then continue to deposit money in an attempt to make a living again.

It is best to enter the game with a concrete plan: I retire after doubling or tripling the starting amount or after losing the initial amount, without depositing any more money.

Because sometimes neither happens, it’s good to have a second rule when you start playing: a time limit!

This rule has multiple advantages. In addition to the fact that it prevents you from having exhausting sessions, which would certainly turn the fun into a chore, it helps you to detach yourself from a game that can be addictive.

Casino games are designed to keep you at the table as long as possible, and the mirage of immediate winnings makes you bet even when you are obviously at a loss, so it’s a good idea to set some limits that will keep you even away from game table.

And don’t forget about health. It can certainly not be beneficial for your general condition to keep your eyes on the screen of a computer or a mobile phone for hours on end. So set time limits when you sit down at the game table and respect them every time.

We end with a piece of advice for online roulette players: bet almost exclusively on “outside” bets, ie on odds with odds 2 or 3.

It is the dream of any roulette player to bet on the lucky number, and the ball to fall on exactly that number and to multiply its initial bet 36 times. However, if you are realistic, you already know that the chances of this happening are slim and there is every chance that you will end up losing all your money with this “strategy”.

Instead, choose outside bets on online roulette and that way you can get almost 50% chances of winning, compared to less than 3% if you had to play a certain number. Obviously, the gains will be much lower, but at least you have a real chance to get them.

Thus, when you play roulette, much more effective are bets with a chance of about 50% win – Red / Black, Even / Odd, 1-18 / 19-36 or those on columns and dozens, with a chance of about 30%.